Prospal na tramvai

October 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Peoples said that sometimes you can slips through time. It mean you close your eyes and you will be at the other side of the world. Haha. Miracle happen sometimes. Yesterday morning I slept in the tram . And ending woke up at the place I didn’t know. Actually I overslept . Haha. Luckily I miss only one station so the turning back is easy.

Did I ever mention about Kiril? Kiril is a cute boy. Son of the receptionist at the gym. He has grown up a little. I think I need to spare a chocolate bar in the bag for him.

The Mosque. Friday is always a rush to me. A pack day although I have no class. It started early after morning prayer having some refreshment with twitting and emailing. Then breakfast. Go to the gym. Back home. Cook and have a lunch.Rushing to the mosque. Back home. Having an on-line conference . Cook a dinner. Go to other hostel to conduct a meet. And finally ended up exhausted at home at 11-30 pm. Fuh. Its tired but worth it.

I met Setiono again at the Mosque my Indonesian friend. Having a conversation with new friend is always interesting to me although I’m not very good at it. He came with his friend Okta which working 2 month here teaching English at the economic school. Then come this russian old man ‘Syamil’ which every Friday give us a tour book about Saint Petersburg. I had a tonne already. He introduced us with one Uzbekistan brother , as far as I remembered his name was Uhid.

Setiono have a son already. A boy. He was celebrating it 5 month ago . So he’s planning to bring along his wife and son from Surabaya to Saint Petersburg. Although I’m not very good understanding Indonesian but its still okay compare to Russian. I have my first music class last night with Juice . My fingers hurt but its worth it. Peoples said no pain no gain right?

Btw the title is Overslept in the tram . Its Russian but I wrote it in Romans .


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