Ya mechtayu

October 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

Everyone have a dream right? And wish it will come true one day . Actually I have a bucket of dreams. There was an old dreams , new dreams and the dream i will made in the future. Here are some. My bucket of dreams :

1.  When I grew up I want to be a happy man. Never cry. Always smile. Make joke so the others will smile too. Be a very kind to others and never hurt them. But as I growing old this dreams seems impossible. Because first the others not thinking your way. You cant satisfied everyone. And many more reason. This was my dream before I get to school maybe during 3-4 years.

2. Be a cartoonist . Having to much comics make me love graphic. But this dream acquired talent that I was lacking of. So I think this dream will not come true for me.

3. Playing with snows and snowballs . I think I already achieved this. Thanks to ALLAH. And my gratitude also goes to my Sponsor the beloved MARA.

4. Be a musician. This is my recent dreams. But I’m not aiming for pro. Because its require a lot of time that I cant give. I just want to master the basic. Thanks to Juice this dream maybe will come true.

5. Enjoy a great photography . I lost my camera last year. Its sad actually. But there’s a lot of my friend buying them. So for the time being I still can enjoy photography with them. The best part of photography is editing . I think so lah.

There’s a lot more but I forgot already when I started typing. No worries I will update this post when the memory came back and fill this half full bucket.BTW the title mean I dream.



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