Za chem

October 23, 2010 § 6 Comments

Firstly this post is not educational , not written with a concrete fact as a basis. So if you have many works to do like finish your lab report , assignment , exercise or any other important things you better not wasting your time here. This post will be a little bit long.

This post actually is my response to many friend thats wondering and asking me “Why did you deactivated your facebook account?” Some of them even scolded me ” You think you’re so hot?” . Haha. Actually I have my own reason. I once have a friend who deactivated his account and I argue with him . But he kept smiling without giving his reason. But what I’m doing is not that I’m copying his action or did it for fame or something .

But actually I did’nt permanently deactivate my facebook . But I’m considering to do so. Depends on what happen in the future. If  it gave a lot more good things than bad things. Why not.

Some reasons that is maybe ( but not my real reason) :

1. Facebook is selling this private information about the user to the CIA . I’m not worry because of this. And this is absolutely not a reason for me. Because if the CIA is so intelligent they don’t have to ask “Hey Zuckerberg did you have any information about this boy?” they just have to google my name and everything will be in front of their eyes. My photo , bio , everything. If you don’t believe me you can try open a new tab on your browser and start searching. I create my first email at the age 0f 15 and I’m an active internet’s user. So you can find information about me easily.

2. Facebook is related to the Zionist regime and they are funding the war against the Palestinian. This is maybe a part of the reason of my action. Although there’s no concrete report that facebook is funding this massive killing campaign like Starbucks and MacDonald  . But for me there must be a connection although there is still no public prove.

3. Facebook generate sins . There’s video spreading across the internet including in facebook about the sins generated in facebook 24 hours. I bet you already watched it before you read this post. Its a sin for Muslims to see ‘aurat’ (the part of the body that can’t be showed in public) . This also maybe a part of my reason. But the worst part is the one who forwarding this video also an active user . Its like you do something but you tell the others not to do it. It is true that you’re the one who make the decision which picture to click what word you want to type. But sometimes you just can’t avoid it. For example your friend was tagged in picture that is not suppose to be seen and it appear in your feed. Yes it is true that if you go out you’ll see ‘aurat’ everywhere , in advertisement , public places  but do you want to continue it when you already in your home?

4. Facebook disturb your studies or work. This is not my reason directly. Because my friend in Moscow told me ” If you don’t have a facebook you still wasting your time on something else.” Its true. I agreed with him because for me as long as there is an internet connection you will always want to use it more than to study or doing your work. There’s many more fun things to do like watching video on youtube , twitting , chatting and so on. But there is a recent research that approved that student with facebook have higher risk to fail in their studies. But its more like how you manage your time. There also an observation that been made and its verified that governmental office productivity decrease with a high facebook users among the workers.

My reason is I want to optimize my real life. Live in real social life and quit depending on facebook. I think I live better without facebook. Although facebook help you to connect for me I prefer the alternative way. For example if I want to know about someone’s update I can read their blog because many of them have one. If they don’t  have one I can chat with them or have a video conversation. I also want to move on. I think the time have come for me to become more serious . Not so serious but matured . Stop talking things that are meaningless . Also I want to enjoy my real life . And if someone said that facebook have become a part of our life I can disagree or at least exclude my self. Haha.

Btw za chem is in Russian. Its mean ‘why’ or ‘what for’ in English.


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