Abo mne

October 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

Some facts about me :

1. I  can easily hate a person . Sometimes without a reasonable reason.

2. I  can hardly share my problem. If I shared it to some one that means that  person is something for me.

3. I hate smokers , smoke , and cigars .

4. Its hard for me to become friend with someone but if it occur I cant stop loving them.

5. I don’t like to owe somebody .

There’s much more because humans are complex creation. I just don’t want to type anymore. Btw ‘abo mne’ mean ‘about me’.


§ 2 Responses to Abo mne

  • Khalifatullah says:

    so complex of my creation, that when i knew you.
    i can’t stop loving you.
    every night i will check my diary. have i said you name today? if not i will pray for you. Oh Allah. He is a very good friend and made me understand about love between friends. Give him a knowledge to love You because i love him so much when i know You.
    a complex doa.
    i need to walk as a khalifah. but who is my army? yes. my army should be strong. but you are stronger than me!!!
    hurmmm. you are my khalifah…. not so complex. but if i tell more about my love to you, it will be a long story.

  • I love you to Ikhwan Mahathir :D

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