October 29, 2010 § 6 Comments

I woke up this morning with an empty stomach. There’s nothing I ate yesterday accept half bowl of cereal , a few potato chips and a few slice of apple . But my dizzy head has already gone. The temperature also get better. I slept early yesterday and missed my friend’s birthday party. But I guess there’s no big different whether I attend or not.

After I done my Isya’ prayer . I prepare some food. I’ll be dead I think if I didn’t eat anything today. But my appetite still didn’t fully recover. My roommate told me there’s some portion of yesterday party in the fridge. But because I lost my appetite I think I spare it for another time.

I remembered when I was small . I have a skin disease .  I didn’t remember what it is called maybe enzema or something. My mum always bring me to the doctor. But the doctor said that my disease cannot be cured but it will slowly gone when I grow up. So , the doctor keep giving me antibiotic . I keep depending with this antibiotic for few years. I still can remember the taste of that antibiotic. I ate it for so many years until I felt that I hate the antibiotic. I think that’s why when I grown up I didn’t like any pills or medicine . I rather use the alternative way instead of having all of these chemical .

Btw the title means ‘better’.


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