Ya adna

November 4, 2010 § 5 Comments

Let say I have quite a happy day today. Although I start my day today with a very sleepy start. After my subuh prayer I go back to bed. Until there’s a call from my friend telling that no one want to go to the consultation session that we agreed with the lecturer today. I refuse to answer because I felt sleepy. I continue my sleep until 30 minutes before the session . Having some quick breakfast and get dressed up.

For me it’s not the day that been the problems. I think if the lecturer agreed to do the consultation in the other day , let say Thursday or Sunday. There’s no one will come. Because the students already decide not to come. People say that if you decide to do one thing but all the others do different thing doesn’t mean that you’re wrong.  It’s the matter of respect that I came today. Wanted to show that not all Muslims are lazy for classes. Not all Malaysian are lazy for classes.

It’s worth though . When I arrived Alexander Mikhailovic ( my lecturer’s name) ask me whether the others will come or not. I told that I came alone and there will be no other students from my group that will came. So , he ask me if I had any question to ask . Any problems. Any part that I didn’t understand. I ask him about the previous assignment that he gave. He explain how to do it from A to Z. I was very pleasured and grateful . If I had to resolve it for myself I think it will take a half of my life. Almost an hour we discussed the problem.

Before I leave . I ask him whether he had a celebration tomorrow although I already knew. I wish him a Happy Celebration and leave him with a smile just to leave a good impression and hope it will keep things better next time. After the consultation session I went to have an X-ray in the clinic then I spend the rest of my day at home. I try to finish one of Harun Yahya’s book today. The title was ‘Communism in ambush’.

Btw the post title mean ‘I’m alone’.


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