Let nazad

November 5, 2010 § 10 Comments

“When you too in love to let it go”.

When I was in my high school. I have a special dreams. I wish to capture all the moment I ever had there. In the hostel , class , field , prayer hall , all of it. Because of that I bought a few cameras. The day had come. The day I miss it all. When I look back at photos my heart keep crying . I wish we all could gather back together as one. The wish that will never came true. Oh only god know how I miss them.

  • I miss my mattress back in hostel.I write many things on them.It look so funny.
  • I miss my table at the back of the class
  • I miss having meal with my friends together in one big plate
  • I miss Saiful Islam and his stories
  • I miss having football with Bashier
  • I miss how Ikhwan will wake me up when I slept in class
  • I miss to wake up in the morning and hear Hanif Ismail or Rijalludin snoring beside me.
  • I miss to be the last person exit from the dorm every morning.
  • I miss Abu Asri and his pot of meggi.
  • I miss walking with Muzakkir and Rijal to the dining hall
  • I miss all my sleep during night prep
  • I miss Syauqi that can’t pronounce the letter ‘r’
  • I miss Abu the confident one
  • I miss Najmi and Afifi with all the gossip and stories
  • I miss how Hilmi Azahari will cry in my shoulder when he was in pain during ‘Arabic’ class.
  • I miss Izzat Mat Suki with all his jokes.
  • I miss how Radhi smile.How we quarrel and hadn’t talk for some time.
  • I miss Huzaifah Zarullail and all his sketches.
  • I miss every single moment back there

It still lingering . I tried my best to forget it. To keep it in my heart as a past memories . But my heart keep crying to return back there. When all of you are right beside me. Where I can clearly hear their voices. I can touch them. Lough and cry together. But it just impossible. How can I forget the time when we still small , unchanged . But time surely fly fast and we will move further and further from the past. When this will end?

Btw the post title mean ‘years ago’.


§ 10 Responses to Let nazad

  • Khalifatullah says:

    Hehe…. Very nice memory. Very very nice. No one can make me cry except my friends. I’ve made a list of my friends. I read it every night. I put a very big hopes. Hopping to see you again.

    But there’s a place where we can sit together. A place for us to hug and smile together.

    Yeah… I believe. We will see again. And we will play together forever.

    This love will bring us together to Al-Jannah. InsyaAllah…

  • otherthanme says:

    laugh.i hate typo :D

  • mat_di says:

    ” I miss how Radhi smile.How we quarrel and hadn’t talk for some time”

    alhamdulillah..fathi,i’m still remember that moment..maybe forever..

  • NJ says:

    “I miss to be the last person exit from the dorm every morning.”

    I miss to be the one who keep on ‘shoowing’u out of the dorm every morning. =)

    “I miss Saiful Islam and his stories”
    Oh,saiful islam memang pandai bercerita..tak dinafikan..

    All the best akhi.Semoga memori2 lalu memberi kita ‘sesuatu’..

  • Eh abang Nabil dtg sini malunyee.
    Maaflah kalau menyusahkan anta dulu2.
    Ana time tu kurang kesedaran sket :D

  • ikhwan... says:

    wlaupun x tersenarai ana ttp miss anta…sanggup dtng dri gombak ke putrajaya..semata2 nak jumpa…thanks bnyak2 fathi..may Alah bless you…

  • NJ says:

    Its ok,no problem.Each and everything happened in MATRI really made me happy and joyful..

    Really enjoy reading ur post.keep up the good work!

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