Kak viekhodit?

November 9, 2010 § 3 Comments

What will you do if you’re trapped in a room with no way out. The room that smell so bad with a dim light. You tried to call your friend but it seems like there’s nobody pick up your call.There’s only mp3 , a phone with no games , a physic and mechanical theory text book.

Here what I do when I was trapped in university’s changing room for my sport class. I tried hundred times knocking the door but it seems useless. There’s nobody out there . Then I looked at the clock. It past 1.20 already so I do my Zohor prayer. I was wondering in the room searching for any holes so that I could get out but the result is the same.

I on my mp3 and start to lay my head on the bench with my bag as a pillow. I felt boring and grab my phones. I don’t know why but I keep thinking about my friend in Moscow. Asking him to reply my massages so that my boring will fade away. It seems to be worked out for 4 messages before I fell asleep.

I was awake then when one of my friend called me asking about my situation. I was so embarrassed and told her that I was okay and it just the matter of time that I will get out. Because the class will end. It just take about an hour and a half. When the door were opened the Russian starting to lough. I am so embarrassed that I even couldn’t look at their faces. One of them asked me whether I was okay or not. I couldn’t tell whether it was an honest or sarcastic question . I just smiled at him and give a thumbs up.

Haha. Its funny actually and a little bit embarrassing. Kak viekhodit means how to get out.


§ 3 Responses to Kak viekhodit?

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