November 18, 2010 § 12 Comments

Today is a great  great Thursday. There’s two kind of Thursday. Great Thursday and the great great Thursday. The great Thursday is the Thursday that I have only 1 class that take about an hour and a half. The great great Thursday is the day that I have 5 classes in a row that take about 7 hours and a half.

Anyway , the day was quite a day. The first class is a Philosophy class.One of my favorite .The class is about idea and included many things , the idea of life , religion , concept of matter , Marxism , materialism , and much more. It really caught my attention. Today my lecturer A.V Soldatov tell us a story . The story that long I’ve been dream to hear. It is how the beautiful Blue Mosque in the center of the city were build.

Saint Petersburg is a state of Orthodox Christians . The basic one , the one that they said not to change from the early age when it was born.There’s other cities with this type of Christian . If I was not mistaken it was city in Italy or the Vatican City. But how does this Christian base city can have a Mosque on it center for almost 100 years?

He told that this Mosque were build by Tatars. Tatars are an ethnic group . They mainly lived in Russia. They have their own language and culture. They are mainly Muslim . During the Imperial time they worked in Russia and many buildings are build by them. They also work as a trader. Some of the rich Tatars build this mosque for the Muslims in Saint Petersburg. May ALLAH bless them and count this as a great effort to the Deen.

After the Philosophy class come the Mathematics. I can express the Math class today with two words.Total disaster .  Who made this disaster? The students of course. We did not prepare for our lessons so we get scolded and nearly expel from the class. Its a great lesson from Irina Nikolaievna Fishkina.

Then the Law class start. I like this class not because of its content but because of the teacher . She was very kind. As she speak you will feel like you’re hearing your mother’s voice. Such a caring and kind teacher. One of a million.Then its a 3 hours Informatics class. The final one. Then you can taste freedom. A very happy feeling.

When I get home Izzat Ibrahim send me an IM . I’ve been chatting with him for some times. The old feeling came back. The feeling that I love most.The feeling when I was with all my friends back in school.A bliss. I asked him a question. I hope that I get an answer soon.

A bliss is the title in English.


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