Nu kak

December 2, 2010 § 8 Comments

First thing I want you to know that I was not on an ’emo’ state right now.Angry mood?No.Mad mood?No.Happy mood?That’s also a no.Not in the mood?Also no.

I’m in normal mood.Nothing less or more.The thing is I want to say about a friend and become a friend.Sometimes in studies we often need a friend to lend a hand .Maybe in home-works , coursework , lab-work , or anything else.Everyone does need it, it’s not optional.But it doesn’t mean that you must copy others work.I mean sometimes you do need to copy but not every time. Every work and every single work.

I’m not trying to say that I was better.No!I’m just as same as you.We all learning.Attend class.I’m not saying that you’re stupid and I’m clever.No! If I was clever enough why do I need classes?Why do I need lectures?When someone ask me for my work I never said “No”.That is because I care.It’s not because I’m afraid to said so.I want we all to succeed.What does success mean if everyone around me failed?

But not just because someone been nice to you , you can exploit him/her.Maybe you will say “Does you treat your friend like this?” when he/her don’t give a work for you to copy.But think deep enough.Does it fair?Does it really fair? When he/she spent all night thinking , searching , answering for a work.And you also spent all your night.You spent it with movies , tv-series , chatting with your girlfriend.Then the next morning you copy it just about five minute.Does it fair?

If he/she does not think about friendship . He/she just probably have to said “**** off” when you want to copy their work. But did he/she ever said that to you?

Its not that he/she don’t want to help.But sometimes you need to help yourself.

He/she love you actually.That’s why the answer will always be yes when you need a hand.The answer will always be yes when you want to copy the work even it hurt him/her deep enough.She/he will always help you even it is not a very suitable time to help.But please think twice.He/she cared enough , hurt enough , sacrificed enough for the sake of the friendship.Wanted you to feel comfortable even his/her heart were torn apart. When is the time for you to help him/her?


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