January 2, 2011 § 3 Comments

“Bang” a loud sound appear at my back. I look behind me there’s one unhealthy old man. Wearing a very dirty cloth. Maybe he was badly drunk and can’t stand straight in the moving train and hit another young man. The young man trying to keep him back on feet. Then the subway train stop . The old man trying to walk out. Left right. He seems unstable. After he went out he finally collapse . Everybody come near the window.Staring at what happen. There’s a woman passing by looking at the half dead old man . But she had no intention to help. The train’s door close and go straight. Heading to the next station.

I was running trying to catch the train and eventually I did it. Every Friday I went to the mosque as it is my duty. Everything seems normal inside the train. I stood in front of the window. I used to stood there because I could see my own reflection. There’s a man in front of me. Sitting with his head stay down. At first I think he was asleep then his head move up. I could see there’s a blood in his face. Maybe that’s why his head stay down. Than I saw blood dropping from his hand. He tried to hide his bloody hand under his black bag. But I could see clearly there’s a lot of blood at his bag and at his trousers.I was thinking what happen to him but I have no guts to ask. I went out when I arrived at my station.

That’s is some incident that happen inside the metro lately. Metro is the subway name in Russia.But mostly when I use the metro kids got my attention . With their blue or green eyes. Small nose . It so adorable and I can’t help it. I always tend to stare.

Yesterday there’s some snow falling from the stars. I use to stare them falling at the window. But I don’t know how to describe my feeling. Everyday I slept with some kind of pain in my head. I can’t stop thinking about the work that still did not finish. Still a lot of math . A lot of physics to read. Everything is driving me crazy. But there’s futsal today and yesterday it surely help me release what inside me. I think jogging tomorrow could be a good option. Jogging always made me feel fresh and its a relief.


§ 3 Responses to Metro

  • NJ says:

    Pelik-pelik juga ya ragam orang-orang Russia ni?
    It might sounds weired for Malaysian but perhaps it’s a normal scene in Russia ek?

    Ana masih tertanya-tanya,kenapa laki tu berdarah dan tangannya penuh darah?Suspen betul.

    Happy study fathi and jaga diri elok-elok.
    (When I’ve read this post,it reminds me on the explosion of the train (subway) in Moscow years back.Risau ana..Moga Allah pelihara nta n sahabat2 nta yang lain)

  • Khalifatullah says:

    doakan laki tu taw. semoga Allah berikan dia hidayah. InsyaAllah islam bertambah kuat.

    Rajin2 study ya Fathi. Kuasai pelbagai ilmu. Ibnu Al-Jazari telah memudahkan kerja kita.. hanya perlu copy kerja dia saja.
    Al-Khawarizmi juga telah memudahkan kerja kita.
    Ibnu Batuta juga telah mengembara selama 30 tahun.
    Marilah kita sambung tugas kita. Agar ISLAM itu menjadi agama yang disanjung dunia. biar dunia lihat, kita bangsa yang hebat. tamadun terunggul.

  • Khalifatullah says:

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