January 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was running with tired legs.Out of breath but still I continue my run.From far far away I saw a man.Time to time the image of that man became clearer as I approach him. “Dershi” he shouted at me. It means ‘hold on’. There’s one round left before I finish my run. I become more motivated then and forget of the tired legs.Finally I finished my run though the time is a little bit disappointing. That man that shouted at me was Valeriy Ivanovich , my physical culture trainer.

From that time I always thought of holding on whenever I want to give up.I will always continue my run although I’m out of breath. I knew that my run still far from the finish line and I should go faster every day.

I have one paper left before this semester will end.Thanks to ALLAH I already pass my mathematics’s exam. I should start study for my next paper 2 days ago but it seems like I’m out of my plan already.One day left still a lot things to cover.Hope it still not too late . While I was writing Khalis Yunus went in. I told him about my first crush.I hope he didn’t blow it.He promise to keep it as a secret. But actually that isn’t my first time. My first was .. I’m not gonna tell.

There’s about two weeks after this exams for my holiday.I have a few last minutes plan about going somewhere but I hope that the plans will never come true. I want to have my true holiday. I don’t want to think about flight , luggage or anything.Just want to have a peaceful holiday.I knew that next semester gonna be tough.It pass 4 am already.I think I should stop. I will open this site back. Hope there’s nothing embarrassing left for me.



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