Begi begi

February 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

When the subway train’s door open I started running at once. It just a few minutes left before my train to Moscow leave. As I pass the main hall and saw the information board I ran to the platform where my train was waiting. Everyone have entered the coaches. But the attendants is still waiting by the doors in each coaches waiting for last minutes passengers. I looked at my ticket my coach was the 6th. While I was running and searching for my coach it felt like I was in the old European movies. I could see the snow falling everywhere. I can feel the cold . I could see my breath as I grasping for air along my run. And I could smell the trains smoke all in the air. I showed my ticket at one of the attendant . “Dalshe” he said. It mean that my coach is still far ahead. But finally I manage to enter my coach.

Coughing I breath heavily and sat at my place in the coach. Everyone looking at me wondering what happen. I still tired of the run.Grasping for more air. The sweat fill my face. A few second after that the train start moving. I was lucky to made it. If I ran a few seconds late I could miss my train. Its epic.


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