Bila davno

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I remembered when I was small.When I was a little boy. I used to accompany my mum at night in the car. Follow her to meet her friends for some programs. I was lying at the back of the car.There was many tiny raindrops stick on the cars window. As the light from outside strike I can see the reflection on my hand. There were many spots on the skin. There were also a nasyids song in the car. I used to love them. But because it have been very long time dated back on the 90-ies I can’t remember the lyrics or the song title anymore.

I remembered when I was small. We lived in a double storey house . It was before we were moving. My family move several times when I was a kid. There was a night. When I felt sick. My stomach were rumbling. So I cried out loud that night waking up my parent. My dad was furious and angry with me. He told me to go back to sleep but I just cant. Mum went down with her sleepy face. She told me to lay down and put off my cloth. That night she rub my stomach with a warm oil until I fell asleep.

I remembered when I was small. My primary school held an event. It was a marathon for celebrating the Hijra of the prophet. I remembered to sat in the table with mum and dad in the morning before the event. Dad woke me up early that morning. He said that I need to have a breakfast for the event.Mum made half boil egg that morning. Not an ordinary one. The egg were from chickens from the country side. Fresh one. That was the first time I ate half boil egg as I remember. After that day I just love half boil egg and try to cook it myself although it turn to be a full boil egg several times. I ran fast on that day. Thanks to the motivation from the eggs. But not fast enough to finish at first place.

Today is not a Mothers day. Today also not a Fathers day. Today I want to tell you mum and dad that I love you both. I miss our family recently. Memories die hard .

Its just true.


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