Bez shapki ni khadit

February 17, 2011 § 4 Comments

Its bloody cold today.According to the forecast its -29 degree Celsius but according to my lecturer Prof  Tkachenko  it was -23 degree Celsius.But the digits doesn’t really matter , the thing is it very very freezing cold out there.I went out today for class this morning. After 4-5 seconds you on the street you can feel your mucus fluid in the nose starting to turn to ice.

After 5-6 minutes you  will start to shiver violently. Then if your walking on the street more than 10 minutes you can feel your face starting to numb. You will hardly speak because of the freezing effect.Then you can feel the pain on your finger tips and your legs. When you finally enter the building you will breath heavily as you try to grasp more warm air.

But today was my lucky day as the transport went smoothly. The public bus arrived on time. But my body still enduring yesterday’s pain. As my muscle still in pain and yet not recover from yesterday rough matches. Disappointing matches really.



§ 4 Responses to Bez shapki ni khadit

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