Mushkoi den

February 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I still hoping for 5 days of holiday in a row. There should be no class tomorrow because my hydro-mechanics class is once in a week. But there’s a chance of an additional class demanded by Prof Alex tomorrow. Which I hope will not come true.

Today is a public holiday here. My friend in Moscow told me that today is a Man’s day.Because of there were Woman’s day in 8th March then Man’s day were celebrated in 23rd of February . I bought it.

Until I went to class for my Russian language and the teacher ask us . “Who knows what day that we will be celebrating on 23rd February?” Everybody answered with full confidence that it will be the Man’s day. The teacher laugh and told us that Man’s day was just a joke. It is Defender of the Fatherland Day .

People used to called it Man’s day because most of the peoples serve in the army were man. There’s still a woman of course but the numbers are few. Then she started to tell us about history that you will find it rather boring than interesting for a teenager.

There will be a double futsal though that keep me cheered up this week.

Tolle woche voraus!


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