Adna zvezda

February 25, 2011 § 4 Comments

I want to work on a video. Actually it have been along time since I dream to make one. Thinking of a suitable theme and so on. I have several of them. But maybe I go with music video first. I already work on the lyrics and the song. I already posted it to my colleague Mohd Muzzamel .

Now I just have to wait until he is ready and the song can be recorded before I can start shooting. It just for personal satisfaction actually not for commercial use. Looking forward for it. Here’s the lyrics not a catchy one though. Haha.

Single star

When you lose all your way

Crawling all alone

Got no where to go


Feels like a single star

Fading in the sky

With no one seems to care


Just hold on to your faith

Keep still in the mind

There’ll  always have a way


You are not the only one

Together we can be

As one big family


So lets gather all the arm

Running all along

There’s nothing to be sad.


Just keep up in your head

That we will be

Future of the world.


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