To shto mne nushna

February 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have a friend. He has a blog. A nice one. He once wrote a post that really hit me. But I think that post already buried deep down because it have been some times. He wrote that he was sometimes feel lonely. Eat alone. Study and go to university alone.Went to toilet alone (Haha kidding). Doesn’t really have a BFF. Something like that.

I think that is normal for boys. I don’t know exactly if its apply to all boys but for me it is a nature of boy or some people said it as boy’s thing. Especially the one that didn’t already have a couple.Everybody have a BFF or at least BF , its just boy don’t express it with words. But any simple action can prove that they were best friend.

For me I sometimes love to be alone. It kept me thinking of many things. For example I love to walk alone at night after futsal. Watching  all those stars , feel the wind blow at the tips of your nose ,counting all the street lights , stare at all the snow that falling down from nowhere . For me this moments are best enjoyed in silence.

But of course you will not be alone for the rest of your life except for some rare cases. While your time still didn’t come why don’t you enjoy every moment of it.

Its not that I am anti social or something. Just sometimes alone is much better. You don’t need any topic , don’t have to feel awkward , doesn’t tie to anything. Make things a lot better.Haha. Why I wrote all this things I should get some sleep its already 4 in the morning.




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