March 1, 2011 § 5 Comments

Finally I’ve done with facebook. No regrets really.I should’ve done it earlier but its okay everything turn to be just fine. There’s nothing much I’ve done in past few days.

I’m very not in the mood of anything on the net lately except for news. No mood for skype or yahoo messenger . But I still trying to be on twitter though .

My minds keep thinking of video that I wanted to work on. But they said that patience is gold. So no need to rush then.But I still hope that it can be done before winter flies away. Still did’nt come up with any good stories this recent days.

I keep up staring at the screen with no idea of what to write while writing this post. Guess that’s it.

Hide yourself in a blanket . Close those little eyes and say hello to your dreams. Good night.


§ 5 Responses to Nakonets

  • Khalifatullah says:

    sabar2… insyaAllah… sekali idea anta datang… idea anta lebih hebat dari idea2 org lain… keep pray to Allah. The name that gave me some power to move>>> As-Shobirun, Ar-Rahim, Al-Khaliq, Ar-Rahman. I always try to be better day by day. sometime too rush. until i lose somewhere. :) but today i start to realize that my God is As-Shobirun. Thanks to my God. I never meet someone that more patience about me. But God gave me strength. until now, i loved my God. The one who give me “true love”, Patience before testing me, Love me more than anyone love me, Create me and oxygen without commanding me to do something outrageous, and the one who Give me everything. Alhamdulillah. ( broken english )

    Sahabat yang mencintaimu – ikhwan –

  • NJ says:

    Fathi,Were u trying to tell us that u just stopped ‘facebooking’?If that was the case,then I would say ‘Wow!’ Impressive!

    Unlike me,I’m having the feeling of ‘I should create my own FB account now!’.. (FYI,I didn’t have one n really eager to create it)

    Anyway,keep moving and working up with the vid.As I’ve said before,I’m waiting to watch ur awesome vid,insha Allah.

    Good night!

  • Khalifatullah says:

    Hehehe. Facebook…

    pro : info, sedikit hiburan, comunicate

    cons : maksiat hati (lalai),mata (wanita),lisan (cakap kosong), penyebaran fitnah, sembang kosong (munafik), tempat mengumpat walaupun sedikit sindiran, gurauan yang melukakan hati, tumpang perkhidmatan bersama orang yang buat maksiat, tempat menceritakan dosa diri sendiri ( tuhan buka tabir dosa tu), macam2 lagi.

    solusi : buat laman meeting sendiri yang tak bercampur unsur2 keburukan. bukan tak nak orang lain campur dengan kita. tapi hati manusia sentiasa berubah. Alhamdulillah kalau jadi baik. tapi bahaya kalau cenderung pada maksiat. jadikan facebook sebagai tempat untuk sebarkan maklumat sahaja. bukan diari. bukan tempat luahan perasaan.

    kesimpulan : involve diri dalam facebook ada limitnya. tak perlu cerita semuanya. “letih nyewww hari nh” tu pon nk gtaw.

    kalau ada bantahan, ana sudi mendengar! sedia menerima! aku insan lemah! sayang anta Fathi! ^^

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