Tolka durak

March 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

I want to write on this blog several time but didn’t have much time until today. There’s so many things I want to write but when I start typing I tend to forget . Haha.

I almost hit by tram few days ago. I was running for a bus and didn’t realize that I was in the middle of tram’s railway . Thanks to ALLAH I was given a friend that help to scream for me and put me out of danger.

This week there’s many things new. I already have a fancy electronic university student card. I already have a train’s ticket for Umno games next week. And most of all I spent great amount of money this week. 1000 for visa , 500 for monthly transport card , almost 2000 for trains ticket , 1660 for Zenit’s new season jersey. And 3600 will come next for Moscow games.

Don’t worry all the transaction were made using Russian’s Rubles.All of it worth it insyaALLAH. I left you with 1 bed time story that I get from my russian language class yesterday. Good night!

Once there’s a young boy with his parrot. He tried to teach his parrot to speak but the parrot can only memorized only one word that is “of course”. He gets bored and made up his mind to sell the parrot. He went to the market and one buyer came to him. The buyer asked “How much this parrot cost?” . He replied ” 100 rubles” . The buyer said ” Why its so expansive?” . The boy said that his parrot was a very clever one and asked the buyer to asked the parrot himself  if he didn’t believe it. So the buyer asked the parrot ” Dear parrot are you clever?” . The parrot answer “of course”. The buyer was so exited and bought the parrot. At home he asked the parrot different questions but get the same answer. He then said “Only idiot will buy this parrot for 100 rubles”. The parrot then answered “of course!”.

They said a great journey is the one that bring you home. Ah! Homesick already. Taaa.


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