Sabsem ni pravilno

March 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t want to talk about politics actually. Because for me it is very complicated and I’m a simple minded person. But I guess I should start having an idea of it because I’m turning 21 this year .Turning 21 means that I can legally sign up to be a voter for the state’s election in Malaysia.

I think the politics arena in Malaysia is getting dirty. I didn’t believe this actually but when you open your eyes you’ll see. A different side of the story. You will see that the media are corrupted and faking the story for the sake of the ruling party. There is no freedom of speech , neutrality¬† and it tell you just one side of the story and hide the other side.

They feed you with lies in mainstream media. For example the story made by TV3 Malaysia. You can watch this first video. The news said that Anwar Ibrahim were questioned about Elizabeth Wong . But it was a PURE LIES . The dialog wasn’t about Elizabeth at the first place. Please watch the second video.

The government that we all trusted feed us with this kind of fake and fraud news. Malaysians are not idiots and Malaysians deserve not to be treated like one.

We all can call for a change. The choice is ours.


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