Shto deliya sigodniya

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning is quite a morning. I love live in the morning. Woke up today with an empty stomach. Instead of running towards breakfast I open a few tabs in the browser and start reading some new blog post. There was one that stuck in my mind most. Although I read all the news ( actually I am really frustrated with the politic in Malaysia these recent days) but this one comes special.

An article wrote by Umar Zakir at his blog. Interesting one about our perception and direction in our life today. Seriously I recommended it for you if you knew Malay Language of course. It also have a little bit of humor that make the reading more interesting.

There’s also this one cute inspiring video posted by Irfan Isa in his blog. It was about one football team from ‘kampung’ in southern Thailand.

While browsing , reading and watching I struggle to finish reviewing my notes for today’s lesson.

Ah. Almost forgot. I called home yesterday.Congratulation to my brother Syed Ahmad Islami in his SPM for having a ‘ not bad result‘ . Good luck in pharmacy , dentistry or what ever course you choose. Make sure that what ever you choose you strive for it very hard and not to forget your duty toward Islam and your family.

There’s a lot for today . Here is the ‘list to do for today’ :

1. Jogging 10.00 am

2. Supermarket  . Shopping list : Sugar , Chilly sauce , there is some more but I forgot already.

3. Laundry

4. Go to library for a book

5. Class 3.00 pm

6. Futsal 6.00 pm

7. Usrah 9.00 pm

I was blur this morning. Don’t know what to eat for breakfast. I took my chicken out of freezer to defroze it. Then I start staring at it and thinking what to do next. That when my roomate said ” Hoi buat apa termenung tengok ayam tu” . Haha.

Have a good day!

Have a meaningful day!



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