Nushna uvashat

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I have a class (Mechanics) . I decided to go to the library first for a booklet but the library close at that time. So I have no choice but to go straight to class although it is 15 minutes early.

On the way I met Aleksander Mikhailovic my lecturer. Because its still early he asked me to join him for a tea in his office. He have asked me to join him before several time but I refused. But this time I have no way to run. So its me and him in his office drinking tea and have some biscuits. I am a shy boy and during that time I kept staring at the floor with no words come out from my mouth.

Finally Zen zoi came ( my Chinese classmate) and we went to the class room. Malaysians student as always late for the class. Some of them didn’t even show up for the class. I just think that this is wrong and disgrace. The lecturer is offering free additional class to the students because he knew that the disciplines is very hard. And it will be extra hard for us because Russian is not our primary language. Yet these students are so arrogant didn’t even attend the class.

Previous semester the lecturer have given an easy pass for all the student although some of them didn’t have a clue about the discipline.Yet some of the student are far from appreciating his kindness.

Ok enough with the frustrating Malaysian classmates.

Today thank to ALLAH I were given some times to spend with some young generation to discuss about Islam before we head to Moscow for ‘daurah.’  Thanks to Tuan Al-Wafi and Nasrul Azhim for spending some times with me for a pizza and ice cream.

Guess thats it. Wish me luck in Umno Games this Sunday.

Okay got to go. Got a train to catch.

Sleep well.



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