Skazka o Umno Games 2011

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

First and most thank to ALLAH the Almighty for giving us a chance to participate in the games last weekend. I have wait a very long time to join any competition or tournament in Russia and finally the waiting comes to an end.

The 8 of us travel by train from St Petersburg and arrive at Moscow Saturday morning and head straight to Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) hostel. I was very happy and excited to be welcomed warmly by our friends that we haven’t met for a long time. We settled down , having a chit-chat and so on. We went outside in the evening for a meal and at the night I have a program to attend.

I slept at my ex-roommate’s bed that night (Safwan aka gengster). I woke early that morning because I’m afraid to be late at the game and that night there was an issue of daylight saving (+1 hour).After settled my morning prayer I sat in front of laptop updating my twitter and watching a movie. While I was watching I heard a sound and saw Safwan fell of his bed. Hahaha.

The journey from MAI’s hostel to Russian State Medical University (RSMU) takes about an hour and a half. As soon as we arrive we were told to change quickly and start the group stage. We won the first match 5-2. After having some breakfast and take some rest we continue the group stage and have a draw 1-1 with a team from Moscow Medical Academy (MMA). Then we won against a team from RSMU 2-0 (this team finally won a second place).

After the group stage we wait almost 2 hours before the quarter final start. Some of us even fell asleep. We won the quarter final 4-0. Then we enter the semi final against a team from MMA (this team finally won the first place). We start quite good during that match until the ref given a penalty to the other side claiming a hand ball in our side. We were down 1-0 that time and played badly after that. We lost that match 0-2.

There was 3 team from MAI. Two of them lost in the quarter final. Only one successfully enter the semi but lost to a team from RSMU (the team that we won 2-0 in group stage). We met MAI’s team to claim a third place. But the match were not a competition anymore because SMTU and MAI are like close brother. We even exchange players in that match and finally MAI were victorious 4-2 and we got a forth place.That was how the story end.

So this is the conclusions :

For teamwork and game-play : Good but need a lot of improvement especially the finishing , tactics and fitness.

For not having any medals : Frustrated.Haha.

If I have a time and not lazy enough I will upload some pictures in the picture section.Haha. Waiting for Moscow games now.May ALLAH bless our efforts.




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