A dinner with two Chinese guy and one Mongolian woman

April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

The story start with one lazy Friday morning. I get a call from my superior telling me that he canceled my job to do the documentation for Moscow Games. Instead I was reassign to greet one Malaysian guy that just arrived in our big city. So that day I   went and meet him. After having some chat and showed him around the city I went home that day.

The meeting then spark a few more meeting after that. We became good friend then. He was an easy going guy so it isn’t hard to mix with him.He actually was a staff of DXN company sent here to open a new branch. Because I knew it was hard to live here if you didn’t knew the language so I keep contacting him to make sure that there will be no problems.

Last Monday he invite me to join him  for a dinner in his house. I agreed but request to bring my own chicken because I only eat the halal one. It was fun to prepare food with him. I get a few Chinese cooking style tips that night.Hehe.

There were four of us that night . Lola a translator from Mongolia she can speak both Russian and English. Mr Khoo a supervisor sent by the company to establish new branch here and Jefri my friend. We talked about so many things that night. I felt like I was joining a joyful Chinese family for dinner that night.

That night Lola asked me that is there any night club near my study place. Instead of me answering Lola’s question Jefri explain that I am a Muslim and there was a few things that Muslim were prohibited to do. After some times I request to pull off to fulfill my Maghrib prayer. I was home near 12 am that night.


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