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First of all I want to wish all of you a blessing from ALLAH the one and only GOD.

It start a few months ago.When I heard from friends that there are some missionaries came to our hostel and preach Christianity.It make me want to know and hear what they are going to tell.

So , one day they came to one of my friends room and I joined in to hear the conversation just to know what was happening. After the discussion they looked at me and asked about my room and we changed numbers.That maybe was a mistake I made or ALLAH have a plan of HIS own.

I made my research of my own after that.Knowing that this people was not an ordinary Christians.They did not believe in trinity.They did not believe that Jesus is a son of god. They were Jehovah Witnesses. A strange word initially for me then became more familiar after I further my readings.

I read about them.About how Muslim should encounter this people when they came knocking your doors.I even watched a video of ex Pastor who later embraced Islam.But at some point it is hard to convince them about what we believe because for them they already have the truth and don’t need anything else.

But I didn’t close the door for conversation because I believed that ‘hidayah’ is from ALLAH and we humans are only required to put some effort.So after so many conversation comes this conversation between me , Liza (main preacher) and Elia (assisting preacher).

Liza asked me “After all what we have discussed did you believe in Bible or you just answering because you knew what answer that we want?” . Actually after so many session I already tired of arguing knowing that there’s no point of it because they wouldn’t accept. So I answered “Yes I believed in bible in versus that didn’t contradict with Qur’an as bible once is a word of God before it was changed and rewrite.

At this point I can see their faces changed.Then its my turn to speak and ask. I continued “I knew that there’s many versions of bible , there are King James Version , New world translation (they used this one) and others , and there is someone who wrote this bible , Paul isn’t it?

Elia spontaneously answer “Yes , but more correctly there is 10 of them writing the bible.

So it is not 100 percent from God , it was wrote by a man?” I just want to add the heat.

Liza seems very uncomfortable with my provocation that argue her very foundation and began to heat up. I was so happy this time she ate my provocation. Then she started to ask to counter my question “Qur’an also have many version Malay , Russian , English , isn’t it?

No , we only have one” I replied.

Elia knew that they will lose at some point if we bring up the comparison of the two scriptures . So he tell Liza in Russian to stop comparing. Unfortunately I understand what he said. So then he began to speak “Let not speak about Qur’an because I didn’t knew about it and I did not read it“. At this point I was disappointed because he turned off the heat. Then the conversation turn one way means that I can’t say what I believe instead hearing what they preached.

He then start his ‘story telling’ about the bible and why we can trust in it.He started to show me the versus from bible that all scriptures are inspired by god and so on. But there are some quote in his explanation that I wanted to stressed out.

He said “Yes it is true that not all the versus are from God . You can knew it when you read it , you can feel it that this is not from god. That is why we have this New World Translation .For that reason after you read a versus or two you have to do some research , so that you knew that what is from god and what is not

For that reason I can’t  accept what they are preaching because they knew that the book that they made for their foundation is contaminated with man’s writing that wrote with the course of their desires not the course of god.

But I saw a different face in Elia between many that have came before.He looks sincere and may ALLAH grant him His ‘hidayah’.

Actually I want to wrote about this long time ago but I don’t have the strength until tonight when one of my brother Umar shared a video with me. With that video I found another one that is interesting.It set up a chain reaction until I finally ended up in a web and left my study papers for a while.

The web was about Imam Yusuf Estes a former preacher that finally embraced Islam.He told his story in full length and it was an event-base story.It was very interesting and strengthen my faith and belief.Masya-ALLAH.

I guest its time to sleep.Got to repeat a Math test tomorrow. May ALLAH bless us.

Good night.


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