Kurtlar vadisi filistin 2011

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Kurtlar vadisi filistin 2011 or in English Valley of the wolves:Palestine 2011 was a Turkish action film directed by Zübeyr Şaşmaz. The story take place in the Palestinian land that been occupied by the Israeli. The film was a respond to the real event of the freedom flotilla that been raid by Israeli commando in 31st May 2010 resulting 9 peace activist killed.

The film basically is a fiction about a small Turkish commando team tracking down an Israeli general responsible for the killing of the peace activist. But it also have a non-fiction side which the film portray. The true living condition of the Palestinian family under the oppression of the Zionist regime. Constant violation that put every life living in fear.

It also describe how the Israeli killed civilian , shooting them randomly and bombing a compound using  phosphorous bombs that already been banned by the UN. Demolition of houses and properties , building separation wall , abusing women and children that in reality occurring every day in the occupied territory.

Its quite amazing finally we can have a brave and unbiased film. The film also have a good rating and great impact  especially to the Muslim world. It gave a true colour to the Muslim that been describe as terrorist in most Hollywood’s film. There is a YouTube version of the film that been uploaded by a user named muadmz which you can watch online. The video alone have reached 25 000 views just in one week after it been uploaded.

You can also download the film via torrent and there is an English subtitles for the film.

The response to the films in major western country is as usual.Any statement , or act or whatever that question or criticize the cruelty and oppression of the Zionist regime toward Palestine will be labelled  as anti-semitic . The sacred word that been created and used for a very long time by the Israeli oppressor to defend their inhuman act. In Germany its release been delayed because of its anti-semitic content.

But we salute Turkey for its bravery to step up.Israel will be brought to trial one day.They have massacred thousand civilians and get away.They killed Rachel Corrie and get away.They shot down peace activist and get away. But the time will come when their biggest ally can’t use their veto anymore to rule out this cruel oppressor to trial. We believe that day will come soon enough and this film will be one of the many more effort to open worlds eyes to realize that day.


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