Belli noch

June 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

Feels like ages since I wrote something here.Haha.Actually my last post is about one or two weeks ago.There’s a lot of thing to share actually.But its already 3 am so I think I’ll make this short.

I was having my weekly liqa today.Suddenly came a boy saying hi to me on facebook.But I’m in the middle of liqa so I ignored him for a while and focus on my liqa.He then asked me whether I’m busy.So I answered that I was having a liqa and can’t chat much with him .He understand and asked me when I’ll finish.After I finished I answered him and we have some chat.

His name was Amin.He said he was a friend of one of my younger brother.I checked his photos but I think I never meet him.The chat was short but really mean something to me.Content of the chat? thats a secret. So Amin if you reading this I am very grateful to have a chat with you and looking forward for a meeting.Just there’s a regret on my side.You seems to know me very much but I didn’t really know you.It is unfair and I wish it is another way around.Hehe.

The chat really left a question for me. What did I do actually? I really try not to be known.Try to be moderate.That is why at some point I delete my social account , try not to post anything anywhere etc . Because I really afraid that it will make  my deeds to fade away and start to feel riya.Read this here.Even this blog I tried to hide.Haha.

A friend of mine once asked “What is the point you wrote a blog but did not want people to read it?” . Actually I wrote it just for me. If I were given a time to  live until my old age.This blog will be my friend on that day. I want to read back what once I have done in my life.On that day I might not remember what once happen to me in detail.So this blog will help the old man to remember. Yes I do want people to read my blog if there is any good information or beneficial knowledge .But I don’t want too many readers .Strange isn’t it?

I don’t know how to explain.Haha.

One day I will decease from exist.Disappear from the face of earth.After maybe two or three generation nobody will remember or know me anymore.That time I hope this blog will still exist.On that day I didn’t mind if this blog  have many readers.

I heard that there will be a marching toward Jerusalem on the 5th June 2011 that is two days from now.I realized it when a few hash-tag appear on twitter linking  to this video. Inspiring one . I hope that the marching will end with success . I’m really sorry brothers and sisters in West Bank that I can’t join you.But you will always have my love , tears and dua.

I don’t know what to put in the post title actually.So I typed in the white night in Russian.Around this week we only having night around 3 hours a day.It is an annual phenomena here when you can see a short and bright night . The night isn’t dark at all that is why it is called white night.You didn’t see it like night it sees like it was early in the morning.Beautiful.Praise to the Almighty.

I think that’s all for tonight.Already morning actually.So good night.


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