June 10, 2011 § 4 Comments

If I was dying and were given a chance to say one word.That word will be ‘YOU’.

If two words then it will be ‘LOVE YOU’.

If three then it will be ‘I LOVE YOU’.

If I were given five then it will be ‘I LOVE YOU SO MUCH’.

But hey what about four.You skipped.

No I wasn’t.I’m waiting for you to ask and I’m glad you did.

If four then it will be ‘I LOVE YOU ALLAH’.

Haha.Sebenarnya tengah potong tembikai susu tadi.Lepas tu terfikir nak tulis something tapi tade idea nak tulis apa.Jadi tulis je lah apa-apa.Sebenarnya nak tulis kat tumblr tapi entah kenapa tertulis dekat sini.Haha.Mungkin sebab tidak berapa gemar dengan tumblr kut.Haha.


§ 4 Responses to 1235

  • wannuraishah says:

    Love, and what I think of it.

    Regardless of our differences, love is something every person seek.
    And while the love for this world does not last,
    Turning to Allah made life means a lot more than just merely living.
    Finally it’s the love for Allah that we yearn for.

    Love, when words speak more than action – they become lies
    And when we say we love Allah more than everything,
    We become liars of different kinds,
    But we can always say we try —
    Because there is no greater love than Allah’s.

    I cannot brag on my love for Allah, for my words always fail me.
    But I can be proud of how Allah loves me,
    For each and every day He blesses me with His Grace and Mercy.

  • wannuraishah says:

    Tak apa,
    Manusia tak ada yang sempurna.


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