Travel home

July 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I already switch off the light and laptop.Lay down and switch on the fan.Closed my eyes.But still cannot sleep.This is the problem when you slept all day long.You will end up fresh all night long.Haha.

Its been already 6 days since my flight safely landed in Malaysia.And I’ve been home since.First thing I did was get a new card from the bank.Then renew my driving license. Futsal started in my 5th day this year’s summer holiday.Last year I started at 1st or 2nd day.Haha.This year is different. I didn’t tell much people that I’ve been in Malaysia.

Just want to have more space for my self and family. But sooner or later they will eventually know.Haha.Because in the second week there will be a gathering with my schoolmates.Very very looking forward for the gathering.

It was a fun time flying with Etihad airways. The service is so much better than Malaysian Airlines .The price is also so much better.Haha.I get my self a window seat both from Moscow and from Abu Dhabi, choosing it with online check-in. I love staring out of the window. Sometimes the cloud look like a bubbles.Sometimes I could see the cloud sparking with lightning within it. When the plane passed a city I could see thousand of street light from  it. Its like Whoa Subhanallah!

It made me remember my flight from Istanbul to Cairo back in 2010.

Transiting at Abu Dhabi is quite boring. 6 hours waiting for the next flight.Because I lost my bank card so theres nothing to buy in Abu Dhabi. Thanks to Radhi for giving me a book to help me pass the time.But in Abu Dhabi I already feel the difference.Felt safe and happy. The feeling I rarely feel in Russia. When I saw theres so many Muslim around me it makes me feel like I’m already home.Make me feel belong here.Haha.

I stopped by the Praying hall/Masjid to perform my Maghrib-Isya’ prayer. Seeing people pray beside me and some of them were reciting the Qur’an make me even much more happy.People there were so nice.

The transiting area also provide passenger with a free wi-fi.Free internet hub for peoples without any laptops or smart phones.Free cables for charging mobile phones and of course a few free duty and souvenir shops.

I think its been already an hour since I started writing.Gonna try to sleep one more time.

By the way congratulation to the national team for the lost 0-4 to the gunners.

Good night.



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