What makes you sad

March 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s the thing. A few days ago my friend suggested me a movie which I already watched the trailer a few days back. He said he cried after watching it. Very sad and so fourth. So I tried his suggestion because its been a long time since I watched one. Recent days I don’t have much time for myself. I often skip my meal. I even skip gym for almost a month.

With assignment pouring down like waters it kept my schedule tight . Need to spare time for my circle , catching up with classes. Most of my time even spent on organizing the organization with an upcoming event . I should stop complaining (Sorry , old habit die hard).

The thing is I allocated some time to watch the suggested movie and it didn’t even touch my heart. Frankly I just watched half of it .  Point is ,  I cant understand the sadness in it. There are even far more sad things that make me cry than this particular movie.

Before you watch the movie I recommended you to watch this. And this. And this. And this. And this. What I’m trying to say is that there are far much greater and critical cause that we need to be sad of. That need our intention , our support and we need to voice it out.

Syria is bleeding and for me there is no movie that can make me sad more than what happen there now. I don’t understand how can people not sad of it.

People said that ‘Oh please why should we bother their problem , why not solving our own‘. Some said ‘ Oh well this is an American-British backed conspiracy we should not support them‘. But I ask you to read back history. Do some research about the timeline of the event. Watch all the news from various sources. You’ll see that these are people that want their fair right back. They want peace and freedom as much as you want it. Instead of freedom they get bullets and bombs. So if the people with bullet inside their head is your mother or brother or father? What would you feel if peoples around you ignoring you and didn’t show any support?

The Palestinian issue also isn’t over yet. As long as this issues didn’t resolve I don’t see other issue can make me feel more sad.

Recently there’s a video that goes viral about saving kids in Uganda. KONY 2012. At first I ate it up. But then when I looked down. There are much more brutal criminal that still freely walk in the face of earth after killing so much innocent kids such as Ariel Sharon , Shimon Perez , George Bush. Why not them?

So I think this is much more legal to go viral rather than the KONY 2012 by ‘Invisiblechildren’.

We may not be the policy maker , military commander or people with power. But I believe if we stood steadfast , support the cause and voice together. Our voices will not be a lone voice anymore. The time will come when we will be victorious and freedom shall prevail.

Calling you for freedom , fighting for freedom !


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