Melarikan diri

June 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

To begin with, I hate marathon. Its like some kind of passive sport to me, it don’t have much interaction. I’m more into running with ball in front of me. Marathon to put it simply, just you, the distance and the finish line. But that mindset of mine change a lot when I was stranded in Russia for 4 years. The chilly freezing winter that lasted more than 4 month, force me to jog indoor most of the time during that period, that’s how I used to run, it start from running on a treadmill. By time I get used to it, and jog quite often.

Weeks back, one colleague of mine share about his voluntary work, assisting UTM EcoRun 2014. So I decided to participate just for fun. Taking the furthest distance just to test myself.

Marathon for me is not only about physical, it involve a lot of mental capabilities as well. The ability to whisper to yourself “Never Stop”, “You can do this”, “Its almost over” , “You’re halfway there” , sort like that, sort of slogan you see a lot  in sport ads. You might see a jogger with cool face in from of you, but inside his/her mind a war is raging. There are a few mind challenge for me during the course of the event:

1. Not so eco I guess. The track which use an ordinary roads are used by buses, cars and motorcycles, they release gasses which you could inhale along the way. So when I start inhaling the smoke during my run from BOMBA’s buses. it quickly wash out the word eco from my head.

2. Old Chinese. I don’t know why there are only old Chinese veterans participate, I don’t see any old Malay or Old Indian. Maybe their culture don’t encourage old people to participate in marathon, maybe. But these Chinese veterans are not only healthy and fit, they also fast. So, when I was outrun by them, it made me mental. How come they are older and faster?

3.  Then, there is this heat. It really really give you a mental challenge. Although many of you will say “Baru panas dunia bro” , but I recommend you to run under that bright sunlight to get the feeling. You really need to have powerful mind to bypass it.

4. Unflat. When you come across mini mountain along the way it give you some extra pain in the mind. Which you need to overcome. With tired legs, all you want to do is stop, not to start hiking.

5. Distance. When you keep thinking that the finish line is still miles away, it blew your initial running spirit. When you came across the track that require you to circle the same place more than one time, you become extra mental.

But, to cut it short, I finished my run although failed to secure the first place. 15 km in 1 hour 47 minutes ( This are just estimates, I actually don’t know my time, because I thought that the organizer wrote it and they didn’t. So base on, others people time behind me I calculated my time, more or less).

Last word, tahniah Yasier, cuba lagi :)


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