Where can I buy glasses to see the future

September 6, 2015 § 2 Comments

I haven’t drop by here for quite sometime I guess. Life had carried me away for only God knows how far. Sometime I was afraid of the future, some other time I opened my eyes in the morning and doesn’t care a thing. Most of the time when I get carried away with much of mix feelings, my only wish is to fade away.

Its funny sometimes watching back the history, how my days have passed. I’m two and a half decade years old, and still cannot brain what my future looks like. Some of my friend convinced me that my decisions in life is bad. I keep making bad moves at each phase. Why does his opinion matter at the first place?

To make thing worse, what at stake is not my life alone now. I really afraid if I’m not doing well, pretending to be strong. But time will tell, it will break you eventually. The bravery of surviving the next day seems always missing in my thought. It sounds extremely pessimist, but deep inside I know everyone have it. But, they conceive it pretty well and act normal.

Can I open my mask and practically live?

Please don’t give me an answer.


§ 2 Responses to Where can I buy glasses to see the future

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