Top Three Saddest Scenes

September 12, 2021 § Leave a comment

Demons Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Mugen Train – the movie finally released on Netflix last Saturday. I have kept it for quite a while for a perfect moment to watch. I’ve finally decided I should watch it to ease the pain of my dental surgery. If you watched the series, you will quickly realized that whenever the demon was slayed, they will have a flashback before they die, giving them a reason to turn bad. This technique also gave a human picture of them, creating a sympathy by the viewer to the demons. Well, luckily there is no such thing in the movies.

As always, the movie was full of Japanese motivational fighting spirit. A rare kind of spirit which you hardly can find from other type of animation. Japanese anime was full of them, they also specialized on making you sad, not that normal sadness, but a very deep sadness. Here is my top three saddest scene, warning! these collection contained spoilers, so read on your own peril.

First, the time when Tanjiro has to leave his dream. The movie was brilliant in simulating human dreams – whether these simulation was based on science or pure invention – I can’t tell. But it surely a simulation that you can relate to. On how we always try to find ourselves in the dream, how we know that we are dreaming but we don’t want to wake up – these are our daily experience with dreams. In his dreams Tanjiro re-united with his dead families – but he finally willing to part with his emotion, realizing that although he love them with all his heart, he cannot re-unite with them in reality.

Second, in the movie we get to know Kyojuro Rengoku in a more detailed. He briefly appeared during the series at the end – in the movies we know that his father was a Demon Slayer before he lose his passion, his mother died due to illness, and he had a younger brother. When he was badly injured battling Akaza the demon, he had a flashback where his dying mother gave him a purpose in life – he was born strong to protect the weak.

Finally of course the moment where Rengoku died and passed his last word to Tanjiro. My favorite was a quote from Rengoku “if you just curl up in a ball and hide, time will pass you by. It won’t stop you while you wallow in your grief”.

Sayonara Rengoku.


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