Move-A-Thon & Half Marathon

September 16, 2022 § Leave a comment

On 6 September 2022, I finally finished a move-a-thon organized by my office. The event was 1-month long, where I need to accumulate as much mileage as I can. Overall, I accumulated 716 kilometers. This was not done without a cost. I lost 3 kg in the process, from 66 kg, my weight was down to 63 kg. I need to buy a new pant!

It has been an arduous and long move-a-thon month, every muscle in my body are aching after a month of non-stop walk, jog, and run. Finally they can have a rest as the thon come to close. My daughter and son said “Abi, you are a crazy man” as they saw me jog morning, afternoon, evening, night, rain and shine. I’m glad that I’ve reached the end in one piece and can become a normal person again. There is no rival in this struggle, everyday the fight is between me and myself. I’m thinking that I will be no longer jogging after this. Instead, I want to re-focus my life on eating, sleeping, and rebuilding my treasured belly fat that I lost during this month-long brutal struggle.


Unfortunately, I cannot stop! I already registered for Garmin Half Marathon in Putrajaya on 11 September 2022. Because I have been running brutally for 1 month, my body has adapted to this state of running. The half marathon went smoothly although I did not hit my target. My initial target was to finish my run below 2 hours. I ended up finishing 16-minutes later than my initial target (2 hours 16 minutes) with the pace of 6.15 km/minute. Not bad eh!


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